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A Future Without Masks

Image by John Cameron

Can you imagine ....

  • Schools where the students and teachers are rarely sick.

  • Operating rooms you could turn one around one third the time with confidence all pathogens are gone.

  • Prisons clean of all contagions.

  • Retirement Communities where C-Diff is no longer a silent killer. (Imagine the cost reduction of that community in insurance!)

  • Boarding Airlines knowing the seat you will be in for the next 6 – 13 hours is cleaner than when it was first installed.

  • Taking a Cruise knowing you won't be stuck at sea unable to dock due to a pandemic.

  • Assembly plants where sick days are reduced by 50%.

  • Office buildings, concerts, movie theaters or a sporting event where you went home healthier than when you arrived.

Virus, Bacteria or Fungus: NO MATTER WHAT COMES NEXT.... µFog Paradigm handles it.

State of the Art Equipment

Using the latest technology we can fog every part of a wide body  jet in under 15 minutes. This includes the passenger AND the cargo compartment.

The Peace of Mind we can help you achieve

COVID 19 is NOT the worst that can happen. Our formulation of µFog Paradigm was developed for Ebola!

Our Revolutionary Fog

The fog you see in nature consists of 1,000 micron sized water. Our paradigm delivers a fog that is 20 microns.

Licensed &

EPA Certified ASTM E1052 using SARS COV-2 (COVID 19) virus. FDA Letter of authorization.

Learn How This is Possible

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Satisfied Customers

I started using uFog Paradigm even before the COVID-19 "pandemic". I was out in public about every day and never even got a sniffle!

Kathy J, Denver CO

My husband was in the hospital with pneumonia. When he got home I used uFog Paradigm in a mesh nebulizer in his room. He was back on his feet on the range two days after he got home!

Amelia B. ,Parker, CO

My wife and I got the flu COVID-19 and I have COPD so we were worried. I used uFog Paradigm diffused AND in my COPD machine. It was touch-and-go for a while but we both sprung back fast. THANKS!

Lawrence G, Leander, TX

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USA: Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Texas

Canada:  Vancouver, B.C.

Coming soon to India and Ireland

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