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Our Vision

A new, natural product that kills pathogens with a sub 100 micron fog and combats the ongoing threat of lock downs, that cripple our economy and way of life.


µFog LLC's vision is to become a major entity that can assist in changing the current bleak outlook of “new” pathogens springing up every day. With over 40 years in the Intelligence field, we do not believe all the new pathogens are “naturally” born. We also want to use technologies and tactics used to effectively and rapidly disburse chemical and biological weapons for the purpose of rapidly negating a contagion. 


The common solution is to "find the cure" that has led to more and more virulent strains of bacteria, virus and molds,  i.e.,  pathogens. We don't offer a cure. We offer a way to prevent the spread and actually kill the pathogen.


We go after the vectors not the patient. In military terms: we don’t knock out ONE tank. We get them ALL but cutting off all their logistics.


Our vision was to create a mixture from natural sources. Pathogens cannot build up immunity to natural ingredients. “Plants can’t run, so they use chemistry.”  A mixture that must be completely non-toxic to humans but would kill all recognized pathogens. To deliver this potent non-toxic mixture, that was 14 years in development, we are going to employ a procedure taken from the very deadly world of chemical and biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) tactics: Fog.


No, it’s not the fog you see outside, which consists of 1,000 micron water particles but a sub 100 micron fog that will feel dry, won’t affect electronics but persists and penetrates everywhere; exactly as it was designed for WMDs. This micro fog (The scientific symbol for ‘micro’ is the µ thus the term µFog) device changes with the application’s needs.


If it is a bus, airplane or train a handheld unit a.k.a. our “Ghostbuster” rig would decontaminate a school bus in 1.25 minutes, a wide body jet in 10 minutes (1 gallon will do 9 wide body jets). While the unit used to decontaminate a “sick building” will look different but still use a system to give us the sub 100-micron fog.

Science Lab

Our Process

We attack the vectors of all pathogens. If there is no way to spread a contagion, there is no way to create a pandemic.

By the way: COVID-19 has a 1% Mortality Rate

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